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Nepal Mt Everest Vail Valley Magazine

The Vail Valley is host to over 70 families from the Himalayan region of Nepal. When the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on April 25 and May 12 of 2015, many remote villages were severely damaged. The Sherpa Foundation was formed and is committed to help these communities rebuild their lives. This event, held in […]

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Shirley Welch | Culture in the Vail Valley , Local Spotlight , Vail Valley Chronicles | December 17, 2015

On December 31, 1891, Arthur Fulford ate the remains of a fluffy biscuit and washed it down with a swallow of nail-bending coffee. Glancing out the window of the Lanning Hotel in Nolan’s Camp, he watched snow fall. The hotel was located in White Tail Gulch at the end of a 22-mile trek from Eagle […]

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Shirley Welch | Vail Valley Chronicles | February 23, 2015

In a secluded valley deep inside the Rocky Mountains along Turkey Creek lies a little town that has survived the vicissitudes of boom and bust. Patiently guarded by mountainsides of quaking aspen and pine trees, the place evokes a sense of place from a different time. It was the first town in Eagle County and has complied a long list of […]

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Shirley Welch | Vail Valley Chronicles | December 10, 2013

A mysterious tiny town at the base of the Mount of the Holy Cross. An aerial view down the Eagle River Canyon to Astor Flats. Astor City would have been at the apex of the canyon, on the north side of the river. (Inset) A large number of men and a few women gather for a picnic at […]

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ken | Vail Valley Chronicles | January 3, 2012

Minturn. Some said the name Minturn derived from “men-turn”, meaning where men turned the steam engines around for their return trip up Tennessee Pass.  Others believed the name came from “mean-turn”, a description of the last sharp turn at the bottom of the early cliff-hanging road over Battle Mountain. Neither was correct. However, each referenced […]

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