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Connie Steiert | Home and Garden | December 9, 2017

The house on Garmisch Drive is a beautiful play on the old log cabin; juxtaposition of old, time honored traditions and new modern sensibilities. Tucked conveniently in West Vail, from the outside this home looks like it could have been there for decades – a mountain cabin set on a hillside, slowly encroached by homes […]

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Connie Steiert | Home and Garden | December 8, 2017

In the winter, the Gorsuch house sparkles, light glittering through paned windows on pristine snow. In the summer, the house becomes expansive in its surprisingly rambling outdoor setting in the Vail neighborhood, complete with a postcard view of the Gore Range. It is a beautiful, expressive house, lovingly designed with time-honored grace and craftsmanship. A […]

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Author | Colorado Neighborhoods , Home and Garden | July 5, 2017

When this active, ski loving, Colorado family decided to create their dream home; a home that would be handed down from generation to generation; a home that captured the art and elegance that is the Colorado Rockies—that home simply had to have its roots in Mountain Star. The terrain is rugged and lush; the sense […]

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Connie Steiert | Home and Garden | July 4, 2017

Sometimes a change of pace is the precise remedy. And that thought is just what inspired a couple to move from their traditional Vail home to a more secluded spot—a place that would be more a homestead and less a stopover on a ski vacation. They envisioned having a home somewhere that could, perhaps, become […]

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Connie Steiert | Home and Garden |

Sometimes there is a piece of art that speaks to you – perhaps it even embodies ideas and feelings that are important to you and your life – and you know you want it front and center in your home. But how best to accomplish this? And, just as importantly, how to have it work […]

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