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Chad Fleischer | Colorado Profile , Focus Vail Valley | December 9, 2013

Chad Fleischer Talks up The World Cup The Birds of Prey venue in Beaver Creek is the only annual stop in the United States for the Men’s Alpine World Cup Skiing. And for the third time in 26 years, the world’s best skiers will test their mettle on the slopes of Vail and Beaver Creek […]

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ken | Focus Vail Valley | January 3, 2012

The young man has a little too much liquid celebration and, just fooling around, he steps into the fast-churning springtime waters of the Eagle River near State Bridge.Immediately, the current grabs him. A 68-year old hiker from Denver turns his ankle on the Red and White Mountain trail. A spelunker rappelling down a hundred-foot cave […]

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The dual-language program at Edwards Elementary School began in 2001, by a group of parents who noticed the growing number of Hispanic students attending the school and the growing number of families who knew little or no English. It was a grassroots effort. And a successful one at that. The program, with participants selected through […]

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This past fall, Colorado Mountain 
College in Edwards began offering four-year college degrees in business administration and sustainability, while still keeping its door open as a community college. Colorado joins about half a dozen states where community colleges already offer four-year degrees. At CMC, students can choose from a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration […]

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ken | Focus Vail Valley | December 2, 2011

Buying into the Local Spin John Maynard Keynes, the great 20th-century macroeconomist, once said money is “a link between the present and the future.” That vision rings true loud and clear, especially in uncertain times — and especially here in the Vail Valley, a vibrant community blessed with a resilient mountain heritage, spectacular natural surroundings, […]

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