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Brenda Himelfarb | Art , Culture in the Vail Valley | June 20, 2013

With each generation good art assumes a new relevance. It’s timeless. The best artists are able to breath such life into their work that people in all generations are able to enjoy it whether because of the artist’s idea, inspiration or perhaps a significant occurrence that’s been captured. Many times, art connects to the past […]

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ken | Culture in the Vail Valley | December 15, 2012

A Loving Legacy, June S. Kang Love of Arts Scholarship, Allows Artists to Thrive As Pablo Picasso said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Thanks to June S. Kang’s family and friends’ generosity, local children are able to have their inner artist thrive well into […]

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ken | Culture in the Vail Valley | July 27, 2012

John Giovando remembers the moment as though it were yesterday. At the time, Giovando, an attorney with a love of classical music, was General Director of New Mexico’s Music from Angel Fire. He and acclaimed violinist, Ida Kavafian had also established a successful chamber music festival with musicians from Music from Angel Fire. “I was […]

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ken | Culture in the Vail Valley | January 3, 2012

Heaven probably looks a whole lot like Vail, Colorado. Glorious mountains with stunning vistas, charming architecture reminiscent of a Bavarian village, an abundance of scrumptious restaurants and cafés – and when you add jazz on top of all that, Vail is surely a place to spend eternity. The 17th annual Vail Jazz Festival is a […]

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ken | Culture in the Vail Valley | June 13, 2011

Vail Valley Arts & Culture scene fuels local economy The allure of the beautiful Vail Valley in winter is undeniable. With 2.5 million skier days and only about 50,000 residents, it’s clear that the beautiful Colorado winters bring plenty of people to the Valley, and with them, their tourist dollars. Tourism is the largest sector […]

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