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Katie Fiedler Anderson | Activities , Blog , Vail | April 18, 2014

I have lived here for 8 years, and have never been up to Adventure Ridge in the evening. I have been missing out! We went tubing and ski biking with our niece and nephew. I will be the first to tell you … it’s fun for adults too! What an exceptional way to spend the […]

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Katie Fiedler Anderson | Blog | April 11, 2014

Gold medal olympian, Mikaela Shiffrin, sure is making Vail proud.  Not only is she an incredible athlete fresh out of a post olympic whirlwind, but she is also kind, genuine, and humble. These are the qualities of a true role model who Vail proudly cheers for! Photos: Katie Fiedler-Anderson Mikaela arrives via Vail fire truck! […]

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ken | Blog , Lifestyle | March 18, 2014

Sunday was a beautiful day in the Vail Valley. Blue skies, a slight breeze and enough sun to tan my pale face. What better way to enjoy it than to visit Minturn, Colorado. In the winter, I would typically do so by means of the Minturn Mile. But this day I was intrigued to attend […]

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Katie Fiedler Anderson | Blog , Events , Vail | March 10, 2014

I attended the Men’s Halfpipe Competition as part of the Burton US Open.The Athletes were fresh out of the olympic games in Sochi, and ready to prove they aren’t just one trick ponies. They will make you want to get out there and try harder… or continue on another career path all together. Either way […]

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Katie Fiedler Anderson | Blog , Lifestyle | March 7, 2014

I came across this adorable home in East Vail while cross country skiing. The grass-roofed home painted a picture of what Vail must have looked like “back then.” It was perfectly positioned against Gore Creek, and the views are nothing short of spectacular. I think this homesteader made an excellent choice. I am grateful for […]

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Katie Fiedler Anderson | Blog , Lifestyle | February 28, 2014

The Vail Valley has more than its fair share of jaw dropping, awe-inspiring, downright incredibly fabulous mountain homes. Here is a taste of a home in Bachelors Gulch that is on the market. Happy Dreaming.. or (lucky you) Happy Buying!! almost 3000 square feet of outdoor living including a full kitchen and entertaining area; large […]

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Katie Fiedler Anderson | Blog | February 21, 2014

While walking in Vail Village, I came across these beautiful ice sculptures. If you ask me, they scream “photo op”! With Gore Creek in the background, these are a couple of my favorites.

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Katie Fiedler Anderson | Blog | February 18, 2014

In case you missed it, here is an inside look at the Olympic spirit in Vail Village. Photos: Getty Images U.S. Olympic hopefuls Collin Weitfeldt (L) Samantha Archterberg (M), and Team USA Paralympian Dartanyon Crockett (R) pose with Olympic torches during the USOC’s Team USA Club Night at Bol February 15, 2014, in Vail, Colorado. […]

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Brent Bingham Photography | Blog , Homes |

Arrigoni Woods has a cool new product we found out about  that you’ll love! It’s called CUBE, a multi-dimensional wood element in many different species for wall cladding & interior decoration. Fast & easy to install, CUBE can spruce up a wall, add interest to a corner or set off your kitchen cabinets while covering […]

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Katie Fiedler Anderson | Blog | February 16, 2014

Former Olympic athletes and a plethora of family friendly activities lines the street in Vail this evening. He is a little peek at the the Olympic Spirit of Vail!

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