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Jessica Gilbert | Art | February 11, 2018
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Author | Art | July 3, 2017

In January, art lovers turned out to meet New York artist, Mikhail Turovsky at Vail International Gallery, which features contemporary as well as historic work. “When I look at Turovsky’s work, I see a distillation of the greatest modern painters of the 20th-century, filtered through his own talent, his own vision,” said Marc LeVarn, co-owner. […]

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Jessica Gilbert | Art | November 5, 2016

This past weekend Cogswell Gallery had their closing party. John and Patrice Cogswell are retiring from the Vail gallery and it was a happy celebration! The turn out made it a special night as locals came to wish the Cogswell family farewell and welcome Viviane Jasinski and her husband Paul Jasinski, as they prepare to make […]

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Brenda Himelfarb | Art , Culture in the Vail Valley | June 20, 2013

With each generation good art assumes a new relevance. It’s timeless. The best artists are able to breath such life into their work that people in all generations are able to enjoy it whether because of the artist’s idea, inspiration or perhaps a significant occurrence that’s been captured. Many times, art connects to the past […]

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