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ken | Activities | January 3, 2012

The first time Bella Auricchio of Chicago arrived at Vail Ski School she froze stiff. She clung tight to her nana’s leg and refused to go. “A long time ago when I first went skiing, I got really scared. I saw the high mountains and at that time I was only 5, and I still […]

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ken | Activities |

Oh no, that’s far too soft-sounding a word for the dogs to think you seriously want them to run at full speed. The command is something akin to a guttural “Ahhhhhhh,” “Let’s gooooo,” “Ready Hike!” and “Gooood Dogs.” And the dogs love that. It’s like a shot of straight adrenaline. It’s adrenaline for Wally and […]

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ken | Activities |

Herb Eaton, who grew up fishing, hunting and tending cattle in the Beaver Creek area, worked as the manager of slopes and trails when the Beaver Creek Resort development began in 1980. “What really excites me about the place was to see how well we could put it together and made it all fit,” Eaton […]

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ken | Activities | December 26, 2011

The inaugural USA Pro Cycling Challenge took place for seven consecutive days and featured 136 of the world’s top athletes. They raced across 518 miles through some of the most beautiful cenery in the Riockies, including Aspen, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs and Vail. The winner? Team Radio Shack’s, Levi Leipheimer, with a time of 20:00.24. The […]

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